Electa Ruth Hale

Dear Readers,

We had a gusher of water leaking under our house Monday afternoon. Thank goodness I called the city to see if they had finished their ‘flushing out’ of the mainline that morning! It was not them, but our pipes gushing out water under our house.

I have a plumber. He crawled under the house, sifted through the mud, repaired and glued the plastic pipe, and turned our water on!

I have an electrician. Now, he is not perfect, but in an emergency, he knows what to do and what not to do, and can get our electricity back on if the problem is on our side.

I have a gardener. He mows the lawns, chases the big weeds as they get away from him, and uses a ton of sun-protection lotions, because he is allergic to the sun. By the way, did I mention, he’s a farmer?

I have a carpenter. He can build a wall, trim a doorway, make me some doo-dad  shelf I’d like to paint, and fix doorknobs or window screens.

I have a messy painter, but he can spread paint over a big surface in no time!

I have a mechanic who can change flat tires, the oil in the car, fix minor repairs, and check the various ‘fluids’ that keep my van running.

I have a Spotted Bull BBQ Sauce & Sandwich maker who can can the sauce, slice the meat, make good chili, and fix supper. Yum, yum.

I have a house helper…much underappreciated, who does the part he wants to do in the house, plays solitaire on the computer, pushes me in the wheelchair when needed, and talks back a lot.

I have a zookeeper who loves cats, dogs, cows, horses, all kinds of little critters that we have collected during our marriage, and still leaves cat food on the ground for the turtle.

I have a soulmate, who rejoiced in our two sons, helped as a coach when they were small in little league (handicapped by poor eyesight), loves babysitting those grandkids, never balked at a messy diaper nor any other distasteful job that sometimes comes to fathers. He also never complains, “I can’t see.”

This soulmate of mine has my heart and soul wrapped up with his, so while we have always argued about the small stuff (until it is embarrassing), there is not a day goes by that I don’t thank God that he saw fit to keep us together.

I credit our parents for raising us in God’s house, with a respect for others and life in general. When the owner of the little store on the highway said to my mother, “Jim is a wonderful boy, but you do know he is the baby of the family and quite spoiled?”

Then to Jim’s mother as she stopped to buy eggs in that little store on the highway, “You know Ruth is a wonderful girl, but she is an only child, and quite spoiled?”

We giggle when we think about that now. It’s not quite 50 years, but what a rollicking, bumpy, faithful life!  Happy 70th Birthday, Jim, we love you.

P.S. Is there anyone by another name in your life you need to read this to? You have my permission. God bless our helpers!