The American Soybean Association held a 3-day Soybean Leadership College in St. Louis the first week of January.  32 top recruiters in the nation were invited to attend.  27 states were represented.

Marvin Wahl is an active recruiter for the Kansas Soybean Association and he and wife Dorothy attended the classes.  Sessions included information to help farmers become more active in their state Associations and ideas to help develop soybean markets.  ASA was responsible for work on the draft of the Farm Bill.  We talked about free trade, protection of GPS signals and equipment for farmers, environmental issues and the effort to promote nutrition across the world with soy products. 

We were reminded that “The tiger who does not prowl is a potential rug.” (Charlie Farrell circa 1979)

It was educational to visit with recruiters from states across the nation to find out problems common to farmers in our regions.   Marvin is the Pioneer dealer in Labette and Cherokee County.