Gary W. Allen

Is seeking the position of Cherokee County Commissioner-District # 3

 He is married to Lisa K. Allen and has one sonRyan W. Allen a daughter Meredith R. Allen and Grandson Wyatt A. Smith.

He is a retired law enforcement officer with 29 years of service and is Currently serving as a Seurity Officer  for Mercy Hospital, Joplin, Mo.

"After serving for 29 years total for the Baxter Springs Police Department, the Office of the Cherokee County Attorney and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, I retired in April of this year. I am currently serving my 4th two year term on the City Council for the City of Baxter Springs. As a lifelong resident of Cherokee County my wife and I are proud to have raised our family in Cherokee County. Our son, Ryan, recently graduated from Kansas State University. Our daughter, Meredith, works as a Nurses Aid for a residential care facility. We were blessed with our 1st grandson, Wyatt, in October of 2011.

"The current office holders of Cherokee County are all very qualified for the positions they were elected to and have served the residents of Cherokee County well with the budgets that they were given to operate their respective office’s. The candidates seeking offices in Cherokee County will give the voters ample choices for the positions being sought.

"The Board of County Commission serves in an administrative role to the elected office holders to better serve and operate their respective offices. Other offices and agencies also operate under the guidance and budgets set by the Commission. Each County Commissioner serves the respective residents of the districts they are elected from. Residents of the 3rd district of Cherokee County are the residents that I am seeking to serve. 

"I believe that I have the dedication, time and experience to serve the elected office holders, departments, agencies, and residents of Cherokee County and would ask for your support in November."