Gatewood is the incumbent Cherokee County Clerk and has been married to husband Doug for 35 years. She has two children and two grandchildren.

"As your current County Clerk I have been under budget every year since taking over the administration of the Cherokee County Clerk’s Office in 2009.  We have brought Cherokee County into state and federal requirements with improved efficiency with technology and training for  office staff and myself in day to day operations.  With the improved technology we have saved the Cherokee County taxpayers over $90,000 by applying for and receiving state and federal grant monies to update the voter technology and put the tracking of voter information and most importantly the transparency of the ballots back into the hands of the voters with automatic counting of the ballots at the polling places.  We have trained all poll workers to operate the new technology which is following the state standards set by law and the requirements set by the Secretary of State as well as the federal government.  We have been able to  set up and maintain where citizens can locate documents, commission minutes and other information relevant to Cherokee County.  As your Cherokee County Clerk I will continue to work hard  for you, to make Cherokee County an even greater place to live.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve  Cherokee County as your County Clerk and would appreciate your vote on August 7, 2012."