Bilke is a lifetime resident and mother of three with six grandchildren. She was married to the late Dennis Bilke for 32 years. She is a charter member of the VFW Auxilary, a member of the Baxter Springs Chamber of Commerce and has 15 years experience in office management.

Bilkie, who is the incumbent Register of Deeds in Cherokee County, has been in the office for more than six years, two as deputy and will have been the Register for a year by the time the general election is held.

"Living my whole life in Cherokee county, I am very proud & honored to run for register of deeds office.

"I graduated from Baxter high school and later went on to receive an associate degree from llc in business management. I have worked in all aspects of the rod office for almost 7 years and was the deputy for 2 of those years and I have 15 prior years of valuable experience in office management. In the past year have acquired 29 of the 36 credit hours needed to become a certified rod.

"I am the widow of Dennis Bilke who I was married to for 32 years. I have 3 children, Aaron Bilke, Alan Bilke, & Alisha Gilmore and the proud Grandmother of 5 Grandchildren.

"I am a member of the Baxter Chamber and a charter member of the VFW Auxilary."