Jack Garner is a life-long county resident. Married to Gayle for 35 years with three grown children: Autumn, Summer and son, Morgan. Having served as your commissioner these past three and a half years has been a pleasure.

"I've enjoyed working with all the people of the county, and cities and their administrators. I feel my part 3-1/2 years of serving as your commissioner in District #2 has been a positive for Cherokee County. Having the chance to give you better roads and bridges in rural areas as well helping the cities.

Since taking office Garner said the Board of County Commissioners has kept property taxes increases at a minimum and still was able to build new bridges, lay new asphalt, and overlay asphalt roads, expand many narrow culverts, help with cost of curb cuts around the courthouse square, help the Legion ball fields with a new bridge, provided the county with new storm sirens, and help establish a new community building in Roseland, and also a new fire station in West Mineral.

The commissioners have also implemented line item budget for the county.

"Also, we as a Board have also been working to get upaid taxes brought up to date and having tax sales," Garner said. "The Board is currently working on getting waste water treatment systems in the southeast part of county, for additional growth in the county. Also worked hard with state offers to get Highway 7 widened. All this said I look forward to being able to serve you again as your commissioner of District #2. Cherokee County, Kan.