On Write-in Campaigns-An Appeal to Jerry Messer

Give it up Jerry! During my now many years as an observer and participant in the political process, I have never seen a successful write-in campaign! I predict it will not get you elected but rather work to Jack Garner's benefit if the race is close. I signed your petition to get on the Republican primary ballot because I agreed with your argument that the 2nd District needs a commissioner who has to drive our unpaved roads every day. The party electorate however chose Charlie Napier as its 2nd District Commissioner candidate during the primary. I am supporting Charlie and I think you should too!

You're young and have some good ideas. I agree with you that we need to hang onto the commissioner money and look at how we can save more! I think you should get another shot at this office but you need to go about it the right way! Showing disdain for the party's primary election decision by continuing to run is going to make either party reluctant to take a chance on you in a future race!

I voted for Ross Perot twice as a third party candidate in the 90's and helped elect Bill Clinton both times! I do believe it's important that 2nd district be represented by a Commissioner who spends more time looking at roads and infrastructure up here, and who has more incentive to protect and improve our central north-south road; the Route#7/69 corridor!

Get back in the party Jerry and encourage your supporters to vote for the party's candidate: Charles Napier!

Paul Rogers

NW Center Star Rd