Dear Readers,

I quit writing my weekly newspaper column when the newly appointed, top-branch ‘community organizer’ came to Cherokee County to organize the youth organizations I love – 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth Groups, from the state level down. I cannot write against these beloved groups. These groups have traditionally been organized at the LOCAL level by local adults who want to serve their youth in worthwhile, character-building, youth activities. I was horrified that federal money was coming in to take over the ‘mentoring’ of our youth under the Department of Education, much like federal money is coming in to ‘rebuild’ our small town. This money is under both Republican and Democratic rule…basically the Progressives. (We do realize that 40% of this money is borrowed at the federal level, much of it to buy votes, don’t we?) At the present time we can go online and see that the Department of Education has grown tremendously, so much that they are moving into a bigger government building. Do you remember when local school boards controlled the content of what our youth learned? Sure, there were problems, but a huge, union-controlled, federally paid Dept. of Education brings huge, union-controlled student mentoring, and problems. Look up on your computer to check out this huge governmental bureaucracy. If educational offices were located in every empty building in all our small towns, as one candidate stated, who would pay all those salaries, as well as the rent? The taxpayers! This leaves the private sector out, giving government jobs instead. The unions were necessary in a time when information could not be shared about how bureaucrats performed. We still have open information, through the internet, but it is beginning to be shut off daily by our current federal administration, with a promise to give the internet to the United Nations to control. The promised ‘transparent’ rule of the Whitehouse, is hidden behind closed doors and the blame of everyone else but itself. The three houses of government are rendered useless by czars instead of cabinet heads, and a blame of ‘it’s the other side’s fault’ by a president who said at his first meeting with Congress: “I won!” (My opinion: It’s my way or the highway!) From the beginning the Republicans have taken the blame for any ‘bump in the road’. I ask you to vote for Mr. Romney who has a record of working with Democrats. The public is tired of the blame game, the arguing game, and stonewalling to keep the truth from the public. I also ask you to vote, in this election, for a group of Republicans in Cherokee County who are on the record for smaller government. Educate yourself before the next election. Our current County Clerk said, “I don’t have to keep track of the votes in each precinct; the state said I don’t have to worry with it.” Why wouldn’t the tradition of vote counting at each level be documented at the voting time, not later, when numbers had to be shuffled behind closed doors to present to the second meeting of the county commissioners? The Republican candidate has promised to respect the old traditions, not the new state-level mandates that do not require documentation at each level of voting. Vote counting has always been taken care of at each precinct, by older representatives of both parties, who cared so much that their job was done perfectly. The last item I will discuss is how our four American patriots were allowed to die in our embassy in Libya. The Whitehouse is again not speaking about its role in this terrible mess, the same as when American guns were sold to Mexican drug lords. I pray for our soldiers who are left in Afghanistan, dependent on less support, as withdrawal has already begun. We must pray that they will not be left in some unprotected outpost to take the wrath of religious extremists who cannot even be called terrorists by our president. Enough said. I pray for a return to a smaller government, a government who is not against the Ten Commandments, nor the Christian God, Jehovah. I pray that all of us will be willing to educate ourselves about out our politicians of both parties, not just vote for one party. The progressives must be rooted out by our vote. Be with us, dear Lord. Electa Ruth Hale, Columbus, KS