Dear Baxter Springs Registered Voters:

There are far too many that do not take the time to vote thinking that their vote does not make a difference or just don’t care. The right to vote for the candidate of your choice or on a particular issue is a privilege that should be exercised at every opportunity. This year, there will be National, State and County contests in addition to several other subjects to exercise your preferences. There is a very important city issue that you are asked to decide. “Shall Ron Costlow, Ed McAfee or Gary Allen be recalled from the office of city councilman”? Yes or No. This is a very serious matter and I urge each of you to vote NO. These individuals and the other three council members who were frivolously accused of violation of K.S.A. 75-4317 Kansas Open Meeting Act did not violate the law. The accusation was completely without legal merit and was intended to harass, bring embarrassment to these individuals and their families and to get them removed from office so more puppets could be appointed to fill their unexpired terms. Repeated requests to bring forth the photos and/or other proof that violation of the KOMA took place were totally ignored! Why? Proof did not exist! If you vote yes then you become a part of this cunning, manipulative, irresponsible lie. I fully understand that all elected officials do not always vote the way that some feel that they should. They are elected to study the issues that come before the governing body and vote for the benefit of the majority of their constituents and what is best for the community as a whole. Eventually, justice will be served. The people that started and have been active in this recall mess will have to accept responsibility for their own actions and suffer the consequences.

I had the privilege of working with these individuals for six years. I found each of them to be dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities as council members. They exhibited a very strong desire to do what was in the best interests of our city. We had disagreements, but worked them out as mature adults. By working together, they got a lot of things accomplished for our community. What they are guilty of is their donation of countless unpaid hours over the past 7.75 years while proudly serving their community’s best interests. Thank them by VOTING NO!

See you at the polls.

Huey York