Letter to The Editor

I have had the pleasure of serving the city of Baxter Springs community as a Ward 1 council person for the last 6 ˝ years. On three elections I was unopposed. Whether it was apathy or I was doing a good job for my Ward 1 of my city. Hopefully, it was the latter.

One of my greatest pleasures and privilege was serving with three fine gentlemen, Gary Allen, Eddie McAfee, and Ron Costlow. All three at one time or another ran unopposed. Usually their decision to serve again for re-election was at the last moment when no one else would step up and serve.

Councilman Allen might be most the leveled headed of YOUR council. Mr Allen as a former law enforcement officer is a black or white situation person. His decisions are usually based on what is right or wrong. He carries no favorites.

No one can imagine the pain and suffering Reverend Councilman McAfee has endured in the past few years because of his illness. Most people would have quit the pressure of helping run your city along time ago. Eddie has always felt that his ward elected him to serve and has with great honesty and dedication.

Most of Councilman Costlow work is behind the scenes. As head of budget committee he is essentially your unpaid budget director. Mr Costlow spends countless hours working with each year’s budget and knows your budget inside and out. For the record, your Mayor did not attend a single budget 2013 meeting or attend our workshop. Previous Mayors, as they should, were very hands on in preparing your city’s budget.

When you go to the voting polls next Tuesday, with the combined years experience of these three gentlemen, I urge each voter to vote NO to recall Mr Allen, Mr McAfee, and Mr Costlow. All three member’s term expire next April. Let them finish their terms as they were elected.

I have said this before. Again, thank you for allowing me to represent Ward 1 and my beloved adopted home town for the last 6 ˝ years.

Ron Steele

Riverton KS