October brings some exciting activities at the library including the Foundation Fundraiser, a fish aquarium, Halloween experiences and some new reads and movies to the library.

We all think of Halloween at this time of year so some special events will be taking place: the children will have a Halloween Carnival with games and prizes on Oct 29 at 2 p.m. and the preschool story time will have fun trick or treating of the library staff during their story time on Oct 27. Children are encouraged to come in costume for both events.

Come and get a little spooked at the Library Haunted House. It’s FREE!!! The house is for ages 5 and up, but supervision is recommended for those under age 10. The Haunted House is open from 4-6 p.m. on Oct. 26-28 and on Halloween. Check in at the desk in the youth department for a tour of the Haunted House. For adults; how about rereading some of Edgar Allen Poe’s literature.

October is also the month when the Library Foundation hosts their annual Wine and Cheese Reception Fundraiser. Tickets are again only $25 and are available at the library; no tickets will be sold at the door.

This is a chance for adults to visit the library after hours, enjoy some different wines and cheeses, hear an outstanding speaker, and support the foundation as they support various projects of the library. This is the 10th Annual Wine and Cheese and some new activities have been added. The speaker this year is Larry Hatteberg.

Other specials this October includes an aquarium that is coming to life. The 200-gallon fish aquarium was donated to the library by some friends who were moving out of town. The library staff has been involved in cleaning the tank and ordering the items necessary to make this something special. Stop by from time to time to watch the progress.

Each month we also receive a number of new books, movies and other items. With the closing of Hastings, we knew people would be looking for a place to rent their movies and video games. So, the library staff made some large purchases to enlarge our DVD and video game collections. These items are being processed and will be making their way into the current collection throughout the month. Be sure to stop in from time to time and see what’s new there. To check them out, all you need is a Dodge City Public Library card. Don’t have one, bring something with your current address on it and your first card is free.

Yes, Dodge City Public Library is a busy place with a lot taking place, especially during the month of October. Check the library’s webpage at www.dcpl.info for more information or stop by the library at 1001 North 2nd . While there remember, you can "Round Up Your Dreams at the Library" whether it be visiting the Haunted House, hearing a story, or checking out a spooky book or movie. Dodge City Public Library is the place to be in October.


Cathy Reeves is the library director of the Dodge City Public Library.