A relationship created between a radio personality and a musician resulted in the creation of a night of worship music in the community of Newton. 

Rockin' Ron Corino has a weekly radio show on KBCU 88.1 FM, a station operated by Bethel College. He has played Christian music on Saturday nights for several years. He organized the "Newton Night of Worship" from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Oct. 23 at RiverPoint Church, 722 N. Main. 

He has learned to know several artists throughout the years, and that includes creating a relationship with Brendan Brooks. It was through that relationship that Brooks ended up on stage at Nehemiah Fest, a festival in the Kansas City area that Corino has served as a volunteer for several years. 

"I told him about Nehamiah Fest, and he loved it," Corino told The Kansan. "He made friends in Kansas City, played in Kansas City." 

In addition to Brooks, the evening of music will feature local artists Dickie Diehl and the Brad Stephens Family. A group called Bring them to Worship from El Dorado will also be on the card. 

"We will do a love offering for gas money for Brendan (Brooks)," Corino said. 

Brooks was born in 1985 in a small rural town of Wonewoc Wisconsin. Raised in the church and knowing God Brendan first picked up a guitar at age 15. Brooks' youth pastor encouraged him to start a music program within the youth group at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Sparta, Wisconsin, and that still today is active in leading and worshiping with the youth. In 2007 Brendan helped start and joined the band Finding Fortress based out of Sparta, Wisconsin, where he helped write and create the album titled "Lead." Finding Fortress disbanded in 2010 and Brendan went back to focusing on worship leading.

In the fall of 2010 Brooks took over the music program at Valton Wesleyan Church near Wonewoc, Wisconsin, where he currently is serving. In the fall of 2013 God started opening doors and Brendan started a solo career. In 2014-15  Brooks connected to a producer in Nashville, producing an album titled Broken, which released in the spring of 2016.