Our opponent, Rep. Rhoades, has taken to his Facebook page and this forum to float a rumor that we have hired a Dallas, Texas based private investigator to investigate his personal finances, mortgage, etc., and to complain about past elections. Our concern is about today. Our concern is about the dire situation Kansas finds itself in. It doesn’t take an out-of-state private investigator to know that Rep. Rhoades record is abysmal and that he bears much of the responsibility for destroying our great state.

Kansas is mired in a pernicious recession, a bankrupt state treasury, a foster care system rife with problems including persistent abuse of already abused children, a Methodist Youthville campus sitting abandoned and for sale and an almost monthly raid on KDOT funds to keep the state solvent. We have no need to hire any investigator. It’s right in front of our eyes. It’s sad that Rep. Rhoades spends his time more concerned with fictitious investigators rather than summoning the leadership to actually restore Kansas.

Rep. Rhoades, this campaign will be fought on your record, your blind allegiance to Governor Brownback and his failed ideology compared to my vision for a better Kansas. If elected, I pledge to work tirelessly to reverse the monumental damage Rep. Rhoades and Gov . Brownback have inflicted on our state. It’s time to move beyond Brownback. On November 8, I ask for your vote.

— Tim Hodge, North Newton