October if filled with honors and special days.

The month is home to Halloween, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Co-op Month.

Local co-ops Servitech and Victory Electric work to be stalwarts in the community and to raise awareness of what they are and do.

"We’re a co-op owned by co-ops," said Greg Ruehle, president and CEO of Servitech. "Pride Ag, a local co-op, is one of our owners.

"We’re owned by 63 co-ops in six states — Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa."

Servitech focuses on crops, science and technology.

"We have our agronomists who work with growers to get the best output," Ruehle said. "We have our laboratory, which tests soil for growers and also tests cattle feed.

"The newest area is technology. We have a lot of fun in that area, between things that fly to sensors in the soil. I’ve signed a ton of non-disclosure forms in order to play with some of these. It’s the nature of the business."

Victory Electric celebrates each October with its annual Pumpkin Painting and Carving Festival.

"We also use Facebook and Twitter to promote cooperative month," said Jerri Imgarten, Victory Electric manager of marketing and communications. "It allows us to share information about cooperative to our members and the value of being a co-op member."

Imgarten said people save money being a cooperative customer because electric cooperatives are not-for-profit.

"Electric cooperatives were formed by the Rural Electrification Act in 1935 to serve those areas without power," Imgarten said. "Electric cooperatives are responsible for 42 percent of the country’s electrical distribution lines, providing reliable and affordable power.

"Our business model is different in that we are not-for-profit and are owned by our members."

Servitech is different than other farm co-ops in that it is not selling any products to the growers in the area.

"We make recommendations," Ruehle said. "We don’t sell anything.

"We recommend and the farmer can take our recommendations and buy what they need from anywhere or they rely on history and their own knowledge and do what they believe is best for their farm.

"Our services aren’t tied with a sale at all."

The theme for National Cooperative Month is "Cooperatives Build." The US Department of Agriculture encourages all co-ops to reflect in their communications and outreach activities. According to the USDA, there are more than 40,000 cooperative businesses in the US, with an estimated 350 million members.