SCAMMON - Scammon resident Lori Miller had an exciting start to her weekend last Friday. After purchasing the Kansas Lottery’s $10 Maximum Fortune instant scratch game, the 44-year-old discovered she had won a $75,000 “fortune” in an unconventional way.

“A friend of mine had bought four of the same tickets and didn’t win anything, so I decided to go ahead and buy the fifth one,” said Miller. “Since I was in a hurry, I just scratched the barcode and scanned it to see if I had a winner. When I scanned it, the message said I had to claim the ticket at the Lottery. Since I’ve won other large prizes, I knew I had won something big. I figured I better find out how much I’d won and went ahead and played the game.”

After playing her ticket, Miller was very excited when she realized she had won a $75,000 top prize.

“When I realized how much I had won, I thought this can’t be,” said Miller. “I guess they call me Lucky for a reason. Within the last couple of years, I’ve won $1,000 playing Crossword, $500 playing another scratch game and I won two $400 cash prizes playing Kansas Hold‘Em. Now that I’ve won $75,000, I plan to spend it wisely. I’m thinking about using the money to buy a home or maybe a new car. The money definitely isn’t going to be wasted.”

Miller purchased her winning ticket at Quik Shop 4, located at 202 E. Main in Weir. There is one $75,000 top prize remaining in the $10 Maximum Fortune game as well as thousands of other cash prizes.

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