Last week our nation witnessed the peaceful transition of power here in the greatest country on earth. It is times like these that should give us pause and lead us to reflect on how best we can serve our nation.

For Kansans, another important event is happening this weekend, the 156th anniversary of Kansas’s admission into this great union or Kansas Day. As a sixth generation Kansan, this is a time I traditionally use to analyze how best I can serve my state. This reflection has led me to a decision.

With the unique opportunity given to us by the American people, with Republican majorities in the House, the Senate, and now a newly inaugurated President, this is a time for action and serious policy making. This is a time for fighting for Kansas and making the tough calls; not fundraising and campaigning. This is a time we can fix the tax code, effectively reform the healthcare system and make the federal government as a whole work better for the nearly 720,000 Kansans I serve in Congress.

As such, you should know that I will not be running for any office in 2018. In two years, at the conclusion of this Congress, I plan to retire and explore opportunities to return to the private sector, allowing a new citizen legislator to step up and serve Kansans.

It has been and will continue to be an incredible honor to serve Kansans in Congress for what will be a decade at the conclusion of this Congress. For me, that is enough. Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Jackson County, it never occurred to me, not once, that I would have anything even remotely similar to this opportunity or the opportunities in elected office that preceded this one. To those who have encouraged me along the way, who have worked for me, who have campaigned for me, or who have stood by me, I am forever grateful.