The Kansas Department of Transportation has a message for this year’s Super Bowl Sunday: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.

Football fans across the county will celebrate America’s most watched sporting event, Super Bowl LI on Sunday, Feb. 5, featuring the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. And for many that celebration will include drinking alcohol.

“The Super Bowl is its own holiday,” said Chris Bortz, KDOT Traffic Safety Manager. “Holidays usually mean lots of eating and drinking. Designate before you celebrate. Don’t let a day of fun turn into a DUI or worse.”

The Kansas initiative is part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s annual campaign. The game plan includes not only planning ahead but also having safe options if someone drops the ball.

“If you are planning on attending a party to watch the Falcons and Patriots, you should also have a plan to get home safely,” Bortz said. “Drinking and driving is a choice and you need to make the right choice.”

Helping tackle the persistent problem of drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, law enforcement officers will be on the lookout for impaired drivers across the state. Football fans should take personal accountability for having a safe celebration and abiding by traffic laws.

“Impaired driving is completely preventable,” Kansas Highway Patrol Superintendent Mark Bruce said. “All it takes is a little planning. We want fans to remember it’s a choice: Drink or drive—but never do both.”

Everyone is encouraged to have a game plan as they attend their Super Bowl parties, and use this playbook:

· If you are planning on drinking alcohol, plan ahead not to drive.

· Leave your car keys at home and designate a sober driver.

· Plan to use a cab company, a ridesharing service or carpool.

· If you are hosting a watch party, designate a team captain to be the designated driver and make sure no one who drives has been drinking.

· Buckle up, every trip, every time.

· Remember: You drink. You drive. You lose.