Brooke E. Buffington, Failure to yield at stop or yield sign, $233

Brooke E. Buffington, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked, $100

Dillon Eugene Connell, Maximum speed limits, $153

James Paul Fisher, Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs, $653

Larry D. Flowers, Maximum speed limits, Disposed due to Failure to Appear

Joanne L. Harmon, Distribute heroin/certain stimulants; <1 gram, Guilty Plea

Charlee L. Hibbard, Maximum speed limits, $153

Dylan B. King, Maximum speed limits, $543

Manny R. Myers, Attempted burglary; Dwelling w/intent to commit fel/theft/sex motivated crime, Guilty Plea

Cody Ryan Phillips, Promote obscenity; Distribute obscene material or device, $503

Alexandrea S.D. Smith, Vehicles; Unlawful Acts; e.g., registration, $358

Kylee D. Tipton, Failure to wear seatbelt, $10

Blake Wittenmeyer, Child passenger safety; Restraining systems & seat belts, Disposed due to Failure to Appear

Gatlynn David Woods, Aggravated indecent liberties w/child; Intercourse with child 14 < 16 YOA, $993