Kansas household water well owners are invited to use more than a dozen free online tools that will help them protect their property investment and their health, the Kansas Ground Water Association said today in recognition of National Groundwater Awareness Week, March 5-11.

The tools can be accessed by going to the website www.WellOwner.org, which is operated by the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). The Kansas Ground Water Association is affiliated with NGWA.

Following are some of the many free tools available on WellOwner.org:

* Well owner app, which provides mobile device access to information and reminders about well maintenance, water testing, and groundwater protection

* Well owner’s manual, which is a PC version of the app

* Short online lessons for well owners

* Well owner webinars

* Private Well Owner Tip Sheet emailed monthly

* “Finding a contractor” webpage

* Well financing video

* Private well owner hotline at 855-420-9355

*Water well basics webpage

*Water well maintenance webpage

*Water quality/quantity webpage

*Water testing webpage

*Water treatment webpage