My fellow Southeast Kansans,

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the Kansas Senate. We need to get our state back on track. Kansas continues to spend more money than is brought in, and I am working to find a sensible solution to the problem. The latest tax plan, however, did not fit the bill. I have heard words and phrases describing the bill like "common sense" and "balanced". It was neither.

Some have bemoaned the fact that the governor's veto of the tax bill was not overridden. The truth is that this was a bad bill that sought to fix the state's problems on the backs of those already struggling. The bill raised taxes on individuals making $15,000 per year and families earning $30,000 per year and would have been the largest tax increase in state history. This bill would have hurt Southeast Kansans, and I am proud of my no vote.

This over $1 billion tax increase did not become law, but it is far from the last train out of the station. There will be many other plans discussed before a final solution is reached. It is my hope that we can arrive at a thoughtful solution soon. Raising taxes on the middle class and working poor is not that solution.

Best Wishes,

Jake LaTurner

Kansas Senator, District 13