"I will regretfully accept your resignation," Mayor Trease said.

BAXTER SPRINGS - Before formally announcing his resignation from the position of Chief of Police at Tuesday's city council meeting, Mike Kliewer wanted to make sure everything in his soon-to-be former department was in top order. This meant requesting a few raises and settling some issues with the command staff.

Before acknowledging his intent to step down, Kliewer requested the council's approval to promote Sergeant Bill Adams to Assistant Chief, and Officer Travis Conrad to the position of Sergeant.

"Never has it been more clear that I need an Assistant Chief then when I go on vacation and 12 hours later we have a homicide," Kliewer said.

The council unanimously approved the two promotions but halted a third request, which was for a full-time dispatcher. Mayor Randy Trease requested that decision be discussed by the Personnel Committee before being voted upon by the council. A Personnel Committee meeting was scheduled to take place before the next city council meeting on March 28, which will be Kliewer's last to attend as Chief.

The council did approve three additional step increases for employees in the Police Department who were due as well: Animal Control Officer, Full-time Patrol Officer, and Full-time Dispatcher.

Kliewer thanked the Council and City of Baxter Springs for placing their trust in him and allowing him the opportunity to serve as the Chief of Police, and noted that he will still be a vibrant part of the community. Kliewer said his decision to step down was due to wanting to focus full time on his business ventures.

"I will regretfully accept your resignation," Mayor Trease said. "I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm extremely happy with the job you've done and am sad to see you go."