LOMA LINDA, Mo. - Optic Communications is launching one of its largest expansions ever, including crossing the state line with its fiber-optic network. The Columbus based company will be expanding its gigabit fiber-optic network to the community of Loma Linda, Missouri, as well as its existing network in the Riverton area. Combined, the two projects will put fiber-optic cables in front of nearly 500 more homes.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Loma Linda serve as our first market in Southwest Missouri. It will enable residents to work from home, have additional entertainment options and bring world-class services to their community,” stated Optic General Manager Trish Carroll.

The 100 percent fiber network will enable Optic to provide Loma Linda residents gigabit Internet and high-quality cable TV services over a strand of glass that’s thinner than a human hair. Optic has been deploying gigabit service throughout Southeast Kansas since 2014, but has yet to cross the state line. Loma Linda currently has very limited options when it comes to broadband internet service.

Construction of the company’s Missouri network is scheduled to begin in June 2017 with an estimated one-year construction time. At its conclusion, nearly all 400 premises in the Loma Linda zip code will be offered fiber services.

Despite bringing on an additional market, Optic is also starting the largest expansion of its Cherokee County, Kansas network since 2014. The expansion just north of Riverton will provide service to nearly 100 additional residents. This construction project is already underway and will be complete this summer.

“Continuing to invest in our existing markets is very important to us. Riverton has consistently shown a need for our services and we’re happy to keep meeting those needs with this expansion,” added Carroll.

Optic currently operates its all-fiber network in select areas of Baxter Springs, Columbus, Frontenac, Galena, Pittsburg and Riverton. In under three years, the company has installed over 150 miles of fiber-optic cables.

About Optic:

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbus Telephone Company, Optic traces its roots back to 1905. The company has consistently led the telecommunications industry in technology advancement, including one of the first 100% fiber networks in 2004. The Optic Communications brand began operations in 2014 with the company’s original expansion to Galena, Kansas. Optic is headquartered in Columbus, Kansas with remote locations in Pittsburg, Galena and Baxter Springs.