*More fair results will be added as they come in*

4-H Visual & Arts & Crafts

Grand Champions:

Dylan Helwig (Spring Valley Sparklers)

Easton Long (Lone Elm Beavers)

Parker Neely (Shamrock)

Reserve Grand Champions:

Mariah Harris (Prairie Ramblers)

Tyler Natalini (Prairie Ramblers)

Austyn Simpson (Shamrock)

4-H Clothing & Textiles

Grand Champions:

Alexa Parker (Lone Elm Beavers) Slacks or Jeans

Sami Warstler (Spring Valley Sparklers) Top, Blouse or Shirt

Reserve Grand Champions:

Lauren French (Spring Valley Sparklers) Any item

4-H Crops & Garden

Grand Champions:

Easton Long (Lone Elm Beavers) Plate of 5 Tomatoes

Brooks Walker (Glittering Stones) Yellow Corn

Reserve Grand Champions:

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Plate of 5 White Potatoes

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Yellow Corn

4-H Energy Management

Grand Champion:

Phoenix Wade (Spring Valley Sparklers) DC Electric Projects

Reserve Grand Champion:

Tucker Peine (Glittering Stones) AC Electric Projects

4-H Farm Mechanics

Montana Elmer (Spring Valley Sparklers) Placing Red

4-H Fiber Arts

Grand Champion:

Gracee Pritchett (Prairie Ramblers) Patchwork & Quilting

Reserve Grand Champion:

Sierra Greninger (Spring Valley Sparklers) Needle Arts

4-H Floriculture

Grand Champion:

Austyn Simpson (Shamrock) Desert Garden

Reserve Grand Champion:

Austyn Simpson (Shamrock) Desert Garden

4-H Food & Nutrition Food Preservation

Grand Champions:

Jared Moran (Spring Valley Sparklers) Non-Perishable Food Item

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Perishable Food Item

Phoenix Wade (Spring Valley Sparklers) Perishable Food Item

Reserve Grand Champions:

Ava Allison (Spring Valley Sparklers) Perishable Food Item

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Non-Perishable Food Item

Emma Walker (Glittering Stones) Perishable Food Item


Michael Shepard (Spring Valley Sparklers) Perishable food Item

4-H/FFA Horse & Horsemanship

Grand Champions:

Casey Dietz (Prairie Ramblers) 2012 & Before Geldings

Lauren French (Spring Valley Sparklers) Jr. Showmanship

Trevor French (Spring Valley Sparklers) Miniature Ponies (under 36")

Savannah Meyer (Lone Elm Beavers) Sr Showmanship

Dacy Peine (Glittering Stones) 2013 Mares

Tucker Peine (Glittering Stones) Int Showmanship

Allyson Wells (Spring Valley Sparklers) Ponies (56" & under)

Reserve Grand Champions:

Jessie Dietz (Prairie Ramblers) 2012 & Before Geldings

Hannah Helwig (Spring Valley Sparklers) Jr. Showmanship

Hannah Helwig (Spring Valley Sparklers) Ponies (56" & under)

Taycee Metcalf (Glittering Stones) It Showmanship

Dacy Peine (Glittering Stones) 2012 & Before Mares

Dacy Peine (Glittering Stones) Sr Showmanship

4-H Photography

Grand Champion:

Mya Hamilton (Shamrock) 4-H 3 years or less in project

Emily Johnson (Shamrock) Black & White

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Color photo 4-H 8 or more years in project

Reserve Grand Champion:

Avery Campbell (Shamrock) Black & White

Kaylee Gum (Shamrock) Color photo 4-H 8 or more years in project

Allyson Wells (Spring Valley Sparklers) Color photos 4-H 4-7 years in project

4-H Spacetech - astronomy, robotics & rocketry

Grand Champion:

Jared Moran (Spring Valley Sparklers) Robot made from a commercial kit

Reserve Grand Champion:

Eli Pritchett (Prairie Ramblers) Rocket made from kit - 3rd year or more

4-H Self-determined

Grand Champion:

Amory Neely (Shamrock) Any article, scrapbook or poster

Reserve Grand Champion:

Parker Neely (Shamrock) Any article, scrapbook or poster

4-H Style Revue

Grand Champions:

Zoie Elmore (Spring Valley Sparklers) Girls Dress-Up

Amory Neely (Shamrock) Girls Western Wear

Alexa Parker (Lone Elm Beavers) 2 piece outfit

Dacy Peine (Glittering Stones) Girls Formal

Tucker Peine (Glittering Stones) Boys Western Wear

Eric Underwood (Shamrock) Boys Western Wear

Reserve Grand Champions:

Charlee Gideon (Shamrock) Straight Stitched Item

Reese Grundy (Lone Elm Beavers) Girls Dress-Up

Gracee Pritchett (Prairie Ramblers) Girls Dress-Up

Brooks Walker (Glittering Stones) Boys Dress-Up

Karissa Walsh (Spring Valley Sparklers) Girls Play Clothes

4-H Woodworking

Grand Champion:

Hannah Helwig (Spring Valley Sparklers) Other woodwork article

Reserve Grand Champion:

Benjamin Major (Lone Elm Beavers) Other woodwork article