Schaiff and Spieth head to November General Election for Mayor of Columbus

COLUMBUS - Stick with what you know. That seems to be the mindset of the just under 17 percent of eligible voters who turned out for the primary election on Aug. 1. The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners oversaw the canvassing of the election results for the 2017 Columbus City Primary Election during Monday's meeting. Though it was no surprise who the top two vote-getters were after the unofficial results came in election night, due to their overwhelming numbers, it is now formally acknowledged that incumbent Mayor William Schaiff and former mayor and current city council member, Grant Spieth, will be on the ballot for the November General Election for the position of Mayor for the City of Columbus.

County Clerk Rod Edmondson made note of a new Kansas law that says votes that are received by mail up to three days after election day are to be counted as long as they are postmarked by the due date, however, no votes for this particular election were received within the allotted time.

"I thought we had a pretty good turnout for a primary election of this size, with just one question on the ballot," Edmondson said.

Columbus voters will have the chance to decide between Schaiff and Spieth at the General Election on Nov. 7.