The “Dream Team” is a group of community volunteers “dreaming” of a bigger and better Baxter Springs. One of the “dreams” is to create a Civic Center (community center/wellness center, etc.) that would create a vibrant environment for all our community, while giving the youth and elder community members a safe, year round place to gather. The idea is to enhance other local businesses and not take away or duplicate current businesses. When you dream, you should always dream BIG!

The Dream Team has met over the last year and worked with many members to consolidate ideas to come up with the Civic Center idea. This idea is in the very preliminary stages and will in no way be a city funded or run project. There has been concern that the proposed tax increase on the ballot for November would fund this dream. This project would NOT involve community taxes in any way. While the City of Baxter Springs is in full support of the project, the goal is to have the project funded with private donations and run by a local board and not the City of Baxter Springs.

The Dream Team is open to any community member with positive ideas and energy to make Baxter Springs the best it can be.

Current ideas include but are not limited to: Indoor pool for year round enjoyment, youth center, senior center, walking track, classrooms for community education (diabetes classes, etc.), exercise classes, and more. This dream is in the preliminary stages. Should we be blessed enough to move forward, this project could take several years to complete. But remember the saying: “To get what you’ve never had, you have to DO what you’ve never done”.

If you would like to join the Dream Team, please contact: Mary Beth Smith, Don Snow, Mike Main, Sandra Cook or Kelly Barnes…… Be ready to Dream Big!

Who is the Dream Team and what do they Dream about?

The Dream Team is a group of community volunteers with a “Dream” to make Baxter Springs a vibrant, welcoming town with activities for all our community members. The Dream team is open to anyone in the community with positive energy and ideas to make Baxter Springs bigger and better. There are different committees that are open for you to share your unique gifts: Yard work, grant writing, downtown restoration, sign updates and many more. Members have no desires for recognition or praise, just doing good deeds to make Baxter Springs a better place to live.