Everyone has heard your internet provider can track everything you do online or police can recover information off your computer, but a lot of people don’t realize what information they are even leaving behind on a website. There are several services website owners can use to track traffic on their website. These services can track you all the way down to your house and the device you are using.

Some of the specific things a website can track is what web browser you used. A browser is like Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. A webmaster can also see what time you visit, and how long you were on each page of their website. He or she can also see if it was your first time on the website or if you have visited it before.

Other things you are leaving behind are your age, make and model of the device, and even the size of your screen. A webmaster can see what state and city or town you visit it from, and even your IP address. Your IP address is a special dedicated number to identify your internet connection. It’s like a social security number or vin number, but for your internet connection.

On top of all of this data it can also detect who is on the website in real time or how you found the website on the internet.

So why would someone want to track you on their website to know all that? They do this to help attract users that would be interested in their content. A good example would be an auto insurance agent in New York that only has licenses to sell in his state. He would use that data to make sure most of his traffic is coming from that area, and if not use that data to help improve his traffic. Another good example is a manufacture of a toy. The company that manufactures the toy would want to reach mostly younger kids online. Why would a webmaster want to know how you found their website? A good example would be a review site. If you click on a link in the review site, the webmaster can see the same review that you saw and can use that to help make their products better.

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