Mulch mowing has many benefits to lawn health

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) announces the launch of “Mow & Go” – a new campaign to encourage Kansans to mulch mow their leaves this fall. Mulch mowing has many benefits. By reducing the amount of leaves bagged and sent to the landfill, we will conserve space. In addition, mulch mowing:

Saves money: By using leaves as fertilizer, it reduces the cost of purchasing lawn fertilizer and lawn & leaf bags.

Saves effort and time: Save your back this year by leaving mulched leaves in place rather than raking, bagging, or blowing them to the curb.

Keeps your property healthy: By leaving organic nutrients in your soil feeding your lawn, improving soil health, and retaining moisture.

“Kansas has always promoted waste reduction in communities throughout the state. The Mow & Go campaign is just another tool for communities to use to encourage waste reduction. We hope all Kansas residents will consider mulch mowing leaves this fall – it has many benefits,” said Bill Bider, Director of the Bureau of Waste Management.

An online tool-kit is available for communities to use to encourage residents to mulch mow. It is designed for easy and flexible use by local officials or community organizations who wish to promote this message. Information is available for download and distribution at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Megan MacPherson at