COLUMBUS - The heads of the various county departments met with the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners on Oct. 2, for their routine monthly meeting for the purpose of updating the Board on happenings within their respective departments. The department heads present for the meeting were: Barbara Bilke, Register of Deeds; David Groves, Sheriff; Deana Randall, Human Resources; Janet Miller, Economic Development; Logan Grant, Noxious Weeds; Mark Hixon, Appraiser; Rodney Edmondson, Clerk & Election; and Wayne Elliott, 911 Addressing & Mapping.

Barbara Bilke reported that it was a slow month with only four passports processed.

Janet Miller stated that they have been busy with lots of projects. She stated that there has been activity on existing buildings.

Logan Grant stated that he is still spraying Johnson grass on county right of ways.

Mark Hixon provided a summary of ratio study through the month of August.

David Groves reported that the Mother Road Marathon went well yesterday. There is a drug takeback scheduled from Oct. 21. There will be locations set up in Baxter Springs, Galena, and Columbus. He stated that inmate population is still up and they are currently working on entering a contract with Franklin and Miami counties for the housing of their inmates. He stated that the families of the Baxter Springs Officers that were injured on Saturday have expressed their appreciation for the interest that has been shown to them. He stated that the investigation is going as well as can be expected. The suspect in that incident is still hospitalized with charges expected to be filed this week.

Rodney Edmondson reported that Stronghold Data will be at the courthouse for two training sessions on cyber awareness. He reminded the Board that the swearing-in ceremony for Treasurer-Elect Raven Elmore will be Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Wayne Elliott reported that they sold nine maps, issued two addresses, and made four street signs.

Brenda Clugston reported that the Health Department will conduct a flu shot clinic. She also asked the Board for permission to create an account in the postage machine at the courthouse for use by the Health Department. She said that it would save $1,000 per year not to have their own machine. The Board gave approval to create the account.