Most people are probably familiar with the classic movie “mad scientist” scenario, where the crazed scientist mixes up a bubbling brew in his laboratory, usually with tragic consequences.

Unfortunately, mixing some common household chemicals can lead to tragic consequences in real life.

To remind Kansans to observe safety precautions when using household products, the Technological Hazards Section of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management will launch its annual chemical safety outreach campaign for November.

Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation on Thursday, Oct. 19, in the ceremonial office of the Kansas Statehouse marking November as “Read the Label First, Don't Mix Chemicals” Month in Kansas. During the month, KDEM will partner with a number of other state and local health agencies to provide information and educate the public on safety measures when using common household chemicals.

“Basic chemistry can’t be ignored, so always read the label before you use a product,” said L’Tanya Christenberry, program consultant, Kansas Division of Emergency Management. “If used the wrong way or mixed with another chemical, you may create a reaction that could be harmful, even fatal. However, when you follow the directions, these chemical products are safe.”