BAXTER SPRINGS - How many states border Lake Michigan? The Houses of York and Lancaster share the same kind of what flower on their crest? Solve the equation for X, 6X squared=5X-1? What planet in our solar system weighs more than all the others combined? What type of conic section is described by the equation Y=X squared + 4X + 4? What is the maximum amount of electrons in an atom? Who is considered as the father of ragtime jazz? And, you better know your last weeks current events.

They may not never score a touchdown, or sink a buzzer-beating 40 foot 3-pointer, but the Scholar Bowl team members (aka The Nerds) attempt to answer questions such as these. While holding their buzzers they race to answer before the opposing team does. A Nerd is considered a complimentary term used by the selective students who represent their school.

As in most competitive activities, schools travel to various locations during their season. Recently 12 schools came to the Baxter Springs High School. With 11 rounds with 16 questions each, the teams earn 10 points for each correct answer. Answer an incorrect answer before the moderator finishes the question, you lose five points.

Baxter Springs’ varsity coach is Mrs. Cierra Robin. As a freshman English teacher, Mrs. Robin is in her first year as the head coach. Prospective team members test each year to be honored for the squad.

The Lions Varsity team is lead by three seniors. “Team Mom” Emily Spencer is the captain and excels in the math equations. Allen (Plum Bum) Davis jumps in on general knowledge questions, and Jade (Hagrid) Weston answers the unusual and the music portions. Five members compose a team on a round. Alternating in are sophomore Conner (Lord of the Weasels) Weeks, and freshmen Madelyn (Mad Hatter) Hartley and Josh (Splinter) Spencer.

The Lions started last week winning a gold medal first place held in Girard. On Thursday in Baxter Springs they defeated Pittsburg, Columbus, Caney, Chetopa, Galena, St. Paul, St. Mary’s-Colgan, and Oswego. They had loses to Erie and Girard. Their 9-2 record finished the squad second just to Erie. The Lions 505 points outscored Erie, but with 480 points, Erie finished first with a 10-1 record.

If you have a chance to attend a Scholar Bowl competition make sure you catch one at one of the various schools. You will be amazed by the knowledge of these students.