Happy Thanksgiving

Psalm 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving!

Remember our military and all those who can't be home for the holidays.

We have so much to be thankful for here in Baxter Springs and all of Cherokee County!

Last Thursday all the street Christmas decorations started going up, thanks city workers Thomas, Chuck and Tank! They reported the job should be completed at press time

The Baxter Chamber of Commerce would like you to participate in our annual Christmas parade at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2. The theme is "Down Home Country Christmas". Turn in your entry form no later than Nov. 30. Prize winners to be announced after the parade, contact Charlene Hunley, parade chairman at the chamber or go by city hall. I would like to see a lot of church participation. Thank you!

Thank you city council woman, Sherri Howey for assisting me in getting my season pass to the pool in Baxter back in August, she serves on the pool committee along with Jimmy Younger and Sherry Brown. I support the pool and the young people who enjoy it so much. I swam every day for four weeks, what a wonderful group of young people who enjoy the pool so much, and the life guards are fantastic!

Speaking of neat young people, my daughter AKA 'Bicycle Girl', or rubber boot beauty works two jobs, Subway and Marvins!

Reames Egg Noodles now back in stock at Marvins and don't forget chicken Monday where people line up from the deli clean back past the last loaf of bread to get the eight piece chick meal deal with two family sides, four dinner rolls and save six dollars to boot right off the original price. Tell Cathy that Duane sent you, and just maybe I will get a extra chicken leg!

Did you get a half-price cheese burger Tuesday at Sonic on National Un-Turkey day?

Bought me a new set of tires for my Sonic Lt. Bud is selling tires for cars like Dollar Store candy bars at Star Lube Auto Express, my set is good for 80,000 miles

Then went on to Fast Lub Trop Artic Cottrells 66 service for an alignment where the boss had a Chrysler with 800,000 miles on it, will somebody call Guiness Book of World Records? Do tell Chrysler even tried to buy it back!

Walked right into Baxter Drug/Walgreens and without a wait had two needles in me for my flu and pneumonia booster, thank you Blue Cross and Blue Shield for picking up that $260 bill.

Look who's gonna be 88 Jan. 8? None other than Dona Keith, who also has two jobs, one at the Cherokee County News Advocate and also at In the Garden Floral and Gifts. Go Dona Go!

Happy November birthday to Pastor Bill at the Faith Apostolic Bible College in Baxter. My daughter Jessica was on campus four years and her beloved twin ReBekah was there two years.

I rode the newly repaired elevator at the Johnston Pubic Library and want to let everyone know Kitty the Library cat is doing well. Kitty has been there since 2004, she took over for Thomas the orange cat who served from 1993 to 2004. Together they have 24 years of service

Kitty and Thomas were friends the last year of Thomas's life. Kitty was a gift from the former superintendent of the Baxter FABC, "bible college".

Library Director Betty Burrows started at Johnston in 1978 as a story teller. She is retiring Nov. 30. Thank you Betty for your service. Send her a card, and maybe drop Kitty a coin in her coin jug on the counter please. Kitty is about 14 now, that's all the ages I will be telling. There's a lot of good in Baxter. Formerly Betty wrote for the Baxter Springs Citizen. Lets hope the new director likes cats or they won't last long, the cat Kitty is staying.

Happy Thanksgiving and your first early Merry Christmas!

---- Lyon is a world traveler, writer, poet and folk artist, painter. He lives part time in Baxter Springs and has been a Missionary in 70 countries for over 35 years. He has published poetry in Canada and the United States.  He is a graduate of CFNI in Dallas, Texas.