BAGCRAFT REPORT- Friends your local media representative was embedded for two weeks a time ago all to bring you this exclusive report. My goal is to bring the local news right into your lazy boy-girl recliner and I will not be out worked or out thought in delivering so.

I spent two weeks working as a packer at BAGCRAFT, packaging, 3400 Bagcraft Blvd. Baxter Springs, Kansas. I have three free t-shirts and a nice cup to prove it. Right up front let me state: BAGCRAFT is a safe and clean place to be employed. The employees look out for each other, both in the safety culture that has been carefully developed and also in assisting you during training and otherwise. Nice people work at BAGCRAFT. I applied for a entry level position so Manpower was my choice.

Call Becca at 417-781-8572 or check out, one of two agency's they partner with.

I was placed on second shift after I explained I had been fired from two night jobs in my youth for sleeping. My starting pay was $10.15 an hour. The 15 cents is a premium for second shift. It's 20 cents for third shift. The job is fast paced and if you enjoy coming in late, departing early and laying out of work all together, don't bother applying. You will point out before your probation period is up.

Some things you need to know before you go. Hair, beard net, earplugs, dark bluejeans, safety glasses and steel toe shoes required. Manpower will reimburse you up to one hundred dollars on shoes or boots upon completion of your probation period. Your packing wrappers for hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, pretzels, burritos, fries etc. for McDonald's, D.Q., Nathan's, Auntie Anne's, Bally's, Wendy's, Chic-fil-A, and many more, so hand-washing is required each time you re-enter the production floor. In orientation personal hygiene is stressed as some in our present enlightened culture believe a bath once a week or two will do and is quite sufficient. Food is ultimately going in the paper or foil lined wrappers you are packing so cleanliness is paramount and mandatory.

I knew of a jolly fellow once in Deming, New Mexico, who stated he was allergic to water. It seems this peculiar phenomenon is growing in our advanced technological society.

I am proud to state I had perfect attendance the two weeks I was employed. Now for some more fun facts, my lower locker was 316. Chosen because of John 3:16. Dennis a kind fellow offered me his upper locker my last shift as he saw me pulling myself out of the floor. I discreetly declined as my departure was eminent. My temporary badge number, 9511196. Day shift, 7-3, second, 3-11, night shift 11-7.

People news, Mateo is a very industrious worker and made an impression on me. Lori was a press pal of mine, Nicole was a packer pal of mine, her husband also works there. They have three growing sons and attend a church in Galena. They really love Jesus Christ.

Sheldon, my trainer is a patient and quiet soul. He oversaw my every move and never complained. Training a international travel juggernaut and artist who has absolutely no comprehension of time, well let's just say Sheldon be up for Sainthood in Rome soon. On my one week evaluation form he awarded me with seven doing goods, two fairs, and one slowly. The slowly was slowly getting better. He stated I was really good at safety habits and sweeping. Packing the boxes is a art form requiring order, speed and neatness. As a writer I adore all ten of my fingers so I think before I reach.

The machines won't allow you to be lazy, you must keep up and you are part of Quality Control. You must alert the operator if the ink print gets out of line or your wrappers lack proper glue. The operator's oversee the machines and look out for the newbies. Your training Manuel is priceless illustrating techniques on placing the wrappers in the cardboard boxes.

Second shift lead Buddy Brummett kept a eye on me from a distance along with Marty Castle, both good people. Lauri Murphy ran the floor in my area and if you don't appreciate Lauri, please go home. All smiles but extremely proficient at her craft. Sara is a hard worker, artist at heart, she wears a flower inkpen in her hair. This young lady has a colorful future.

Long time employee Wanda is one I named Wonder Woman. She is not human in her skill level at packing Chic-fil-A wrappers which takes some learning. Sheldon shared one shift saying Duane she is packing all her wrappers and more of yours than you are. Amen is all i could say. She is the Queen Kerri Walsh Jennings, LeBron King James, Tom The Only Brady and Venus-out of this-World Williams all rolled in one of wrapper packers. Watch her magic and stand in awe and wonder of Wanda,The Wonder Woman of BAGCRAFT. That would make a great t-shirt.

Wrapup - Their is a bag load of money to bank at BAGCRAFT with overtime readily available if you are and over time you can earn up to $20 dollars an hour as a seasoned operator. Everyone receives a 20 minute paid lunch break and two ten minute breaks per shift. The break room is cozy and the food and drinks are yummy for purchase, well it's better than hospital food anyways and you can watch TV as you rest.

Neighbors in manufacturing I have built tires, truck, and trailer beds, circus equipment, finished fireplace inserts, shoes and shirts for a season, ran rivet machines, lathes and spotwelders, at 16 I worked at a Wonder Bread factory. Wondering why I worked all those jobs? Answer: I was hungry!