RIVERTON - Baxter Springs pulled two more marks in the win column after defeating Riverton 58-52, and Cherryvale 67-43. The Lions are now 14-5 for the season.

On Tuesday, the Lions traveled the few miles to Riverton.

Riverton jumped out in front in the opening period 13-10, with a 4-0 start. The Rams maintained their lead for the first three quarters. Their scoring started with baskets by Baylee Lansford and Carson Shockley. The Lion's Max Sheffer finally got Baxter Springs on the scoreboard. Tyler Zustiak put the Rams at six.

Baxter Springs came on top after field goals by Sheffer, Trey White, and Preston Landis. Travis Comer and Lansford put the Rams up 10-8. With 60 seconds left Sheffer went strong underneath to tie the game at 10. Shockley finished the quarter with a 3-pointer.

Riverton went on a 9-4 run in the second to be up 24-14. Carter Brown canned two from long distance, and Shockley made three beyond the arc. Sheffer and Billy Buck brought the Lions up to 18. Blake Thiessen ended the half with his own 3-pointer. The Rams took a 30-21 lead into the locker room.

The Lions came out in the third with their own 10-3 run. Sheffer had two field goals, and a free throw. White hit a trey, and Brant Trease scored. At the 4:34 mark the Lions now trailed 33-31. White was fouled by Lansford on a 3-point attempt. With White’s three free throws, the Lions were back on top 36-35.

Riverton came back to lead 38-36 after Shockley hit a 3-pointer, and Bryce Johnson’s free throw. After Landis’ basket, Lansford finished the third quarter at the buzzer, putting the Rams on top 41-38.

Baxter Springs retook the lead 43-41 in the final period with Sheffer’s underneath basket. Landis made good on a 2-plus-1 after a feed from Sheffer. This started another run for the Lions. This time it was a 10-0 stretch. Trease made one of two free throws, Landis blocked a shot, got the rebound, and passed to White to score.

With 4:15 left in the game, Baxter Springs was up 48-41. The threes kept coming for Riverton. Zustiak hit a three. Landis missed his shot, but followed with the rebound to score. With the Lions up 5-44, Shockley connected on another three. Sheffer raised the Lions to 52-47.

With 1:32 left Johnson hit a three to trail 52-50. Johnson stole the ball and headed to goal to tie the game, but stepped out of bounds. White was accidentally tripped by Comer. White hit both free throws. With 14 seconds left White was fouled to stop the clock. He put two more free throws in the book to put the icing on the cake. White added another layer of icing with two more game ending free throws.

Shockley led Riverton with five 3-pointers for 17 points. Comer finished with nine, Lansford eight, and Brown six.

Sheffer finished with another strong game underneath with 22 points. White, with nine free throws, finished with 18, and Landis added 11.


On Thursday Baxter Springs traveled to the Tri-Valley League to face the Cherryvale Chargers, and be their guest for their homecoming. The Lions led 16-5 after the opening period.

In the quarter Trease had two field goals, as did Landis plus his two free throws. Buck and White each added baskets. Thiessen knocked a trey.

The Chargers came back trailing only 31-28 at the half. Down 23-14 Cherryvale added 10 straight points. With 2:48 left on the clock, they took the lead 24-23. Buck scored, Trease had a steal to score, and Landis scored with 1:04 left. After White’s drive to the hoop the Lions came back on top 31-25. A Charger 3-pointer finished the half.

It was now the Lions turn to put another 12-3 run to have a 43-32 margin. Trease had two field goals, and White hit a trey. Thiessen ended the third quarter with the Lions up 45-34.

At the start of the final period White had a three and a two. Thiessen hit two 3-pointers. After Sheffer’s two baskets and a free throw, Trease finished the scoring with his two free throws.

Four Lions finished with double figures. White led Baxter Springs with 15 points. Trease had 13, Landis 12, and Thiessen with his three 3-pointers finished with 11.