A heartfelt letter to the editor that ran 50 years ago this week:

"There are very few people in Baxter Springs who have not heard of Tommy Carriger. That brave little nine year old who suffered from a lung condition for so many months. We are not saying that Tommy was any better than any other little boy his age, yet there was something different, something strangely different we might add, about this boy. Somehow, the way Tommy faced up to his many weary weeks and months of weakening illness touched the hearts and minds of the people of Baxter Springs.

All of us should be proud to call Baxter Springs our home. Here live people who have demonstrated that a whole community can have a sense of concern and sympathy for those who suffer. Where ever one would go, be it to a bank or a grocery store, to a restaurant or a filling station there he would see a container with a little sign behind it which simply said, "For Tommy."

God, in His wisdom, and for reasons we cannot now know, has called Tommy to be with Him for eternity. Actually God has called all of us who love Him to be with Him for eternity; but God has made ready His chair of occupancy first. Tommy has not really left us for he still lives in the minds and hearts of the good people of Baxter Springs."

Tommy's Pastor