Rural Cherokee County resident Joyce Cudney has written a memoir-style book that traces events through the year. 'Grandma, Do You Remember?' walks through the different seasons, month-by-month. Each month includes a story from Joyce's life, garden notes, and a special recipe.

The stories range from her life as a child living on the river, to experiences with her own grandchildren. Filled with inspiration, country wisdom, and precious memories; it is a book all can enjoy. Down-home, wholesome recipes come from one who is a wonderful cook. This blends well with gardening advice from a woman who has a knack for growing all things green.

Joyce lives with her husband on their family farm. She has written journals for years, recording all that is happening on the farm with their cattle. This book is just one of her many creative endeavors. The book also contains photo representations of a few of her many paintings. Joyce's book is available for purchase at Amazon.