WEST MINERAL - Three dove management fields are located on the Mined Land Wildlife Area and will be available to dove hunters for the 2018 dove season, beginning Sept. 1. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has planted sunflowers and wheat to specifically attract doves. The same fields will also benefit other game and non-game species.

Field #44-2 is a sunflower plot 12 acres in size and will be restricted to a youth/mentor hunt on the opening morning from one half hour before sunrise until noon. After 12 p.m. field 44-2 will be open to the general public. This hunt requires one of the party to be 18 years or older and the youth must be under 16 years of age. This will be a draw hunt in which interested hunters should call 620-231-3173 for more information. Field #44-2 is located north and east of the “Big Brutus” Hunters may park at the “Big Brutus” parking lot and walk to the hunt field location. A public lands manager will be stationed at this location during the morning hunt and signs will be in place to direct hunters as well.

Unit #39-3 sunflower plot is 42 acres in size and can be found just one-fourth of a mile south of the intersection of NW 80 and NW Coalfield on the west side of the road and is open to all hunters. This field has a total of 25 acres of sunflowers, 17 acres of wheat and will have corn strips for hunter cover and an additional wildlife food source.

Unit #37-1 sunflower plot is 29 acres in size and can be found at the intersection of NW 60th and NW Belleview. This field has a total of 20 acres of sunflowers and nine acres of corn. This field will be open to all hunters

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) is cooperating in a mourning dove banding project, which is in its 15th year, involving more than two dozen states. KDWPT staff has banded good numbers of dove in Crawford and Cherokee County area. The agency is asking dove hunters to look for leg bands on the mourning doves they shoot. The purpose of this banding project is to estimate annual survival rates, harvest rates, and distribution of the harvest. This data is necessary for understanding population trends and responsibly managing dove harvests.

General Dove Hunting Information:


Shotguns capable of holding more than three shells must be plugged.

All nonresidents must possess a hunting license and H.I.P stamp. Kansas residents 16 to 74 years of age must possess a hunting license and H.I.P. stamp.

Daily bag limit 15; possession limit 30 after first day.

If you harvest Eurasian or Ringed Dove there is no daily bag limit or possession limit on these two species and do not account towards your daily bag limit of Mourning Dove.

Season dates are Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, and Nov. 2 to Nov. 10. Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. For more information call 620-827-6301 or 620-231-3173.