Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

The Cherokee County delinquent property tax sale was a success according to county officials.

The auction was Thursday morning in the Cherokee County Courthouse. Cherokee County Treasurer Juanita Hodgson said 71 properties were available for sale and all were sold. The original list included over 100 properties, but the number dwindled as people paid the back taxes or if there were legal complications which prevented sale. Hodgson said the sales totaled $82,453.

This is only the second delinquent property tax sale Cherokee County has had in at least 7 years.

The tax sale was originally planned for May 29, but because of complications with some of the properties the sale was postponed until June 9.

Hodgson said 78 people were registered to bid. Hodgson said people had been allowed to preregister for the auction, but bidders had to be registered before 10 a.m. Thursday.

Hodgson said Cherokee County Counsellor Kevin Cure will be filing a motion with the district court to approve the sale of the properties. Hodgson said this is the time when they will make sure there are no errors with the property. She also said this is the time when property owners can come forward and file a lawsuit if they believe there is an error on the foreclosure. Hodgson said the property owners would have to prove something went wrong in court.

She said once the motion is filed and approved, the county will cut a check for the deeds and then the deeds will be passed on to the Cherokee County Register of Deeds. She said the register of deeds will process all of the deeds while the treasurer’s office will be dealing with the taxes.

Hodgson said if the price of the property is under the sum of the back taxes then the individual who purchased the property must pay the taxes for 2011 before the deed is clear. She also said if the amount paid for the property at auction exceeds the back taxes then the extra money goes to the former property owners.

“The county makes no money on this sale.” Hodgson said.

Hodgson said there is a possibility the new property owners will begin to receive deeds in as little as six weeks. Hodgson said Cherokee County Commissioners and Sheriff David Groves will have to sign off on the deeds and then the properties are ready to go.

Hodgson said the county is hoping to have the next sale sometime this fall.