Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

A delinquent property tax sale has been tentatively scheduled for May by the Cherokee County Commission.

Cherokee County Counselor Kevin Cure told the Cherokee County Commissioners at the meeting Monday he wanted to have sale number two in the courtroom in May.

Cure said they are still trying to locate owners on some properties and are encouraging local ownership on the properties which will be sold because he believes something productive will be done with the properties if they are locally owned.

Commissioners have said it has been about seven or eight years since the last sale l and part of the reason is because of the time which has to be put into the process.

Cure said this is the second of three rounds of sales they are working on.

Cherokee County Treasurer Juanita Hodgson said people have until May 10 to have postmarked their payments for their property taxes. She also said the people have up until the day of the sale to pay delinquent taxes and if a person has delinquent taxes in Cherokee County they cannot bid on any of the properties in the sale.

Commissioners also said there will be a professional auctioneer for the sale.

Commissioners voted to certify the results of the school board and city elections for Cherokee County during the meeting. Cherokee County Clerk Crystal Gatewood said there were 96 provisional ballots or roughly 3.6 percent of the total. Eighty-five of the ballots were counted and the other 11 were not eligible to be counted in the results. Gatewood said the biggest part of the provisional ballots were simply changes of address.

Columbus City Superintendent Jim Burton came in to get confirmation from the commission that the city can not take money from the special bridge fund so he could let the Columbus City Council know so the council could decide what to do.

The commission approved a motion to accept the changes to the findings on the fence dispute between John Gaither and Robert Lucian.

Commissioner Richard Hilderbrand reported the Baxter Springs Lions Club along with some Baxter Springs High School Students will be cleaning up the roadside park on Highway 69 on April 18. Hildberbrand asked County Engineer Leonard Vanatta if there were rakes available for use. Vanatta said there were.

The commission will meet again 9 a.m. April 18.