BAXTER SPRINGS — Jay Price knew he had spotted a big buck — he just didn’t know quite how big until it was laying at his feet.

Price and a friend had been videoing the buck for several days when they spotted it on Ronnie Clark’s land, where he had permission to hunt.

The enormous white tail dressed out around 200 to 210 pounds and scored 246 points gross, or about 222 net points on the Boone and Crockett scoring system.

Boone and Crockett maintains records for big game hunting nationwide.

Price said a 150-160 point score is a large white tail, so this buck is huge.

No records have been certified on the deer yet — that will take about 60 days, so sometime in January — but he said it should be one of the top four or five white tail taken in Kansas and could be a state record, and will likely be one of the top 15 in the world.

Depsite rumors to the contrary, he hasn’t gotten offers for the rack from Cabella’s or Bass Pro.

“There’s actually been people trying to buy him, but not them yet,” Price said. “(I’ve) had people who were horn collectors offer pretty good change.”

He added he’s not really planning to sell, however. “It’d have to be a bunch.”

The funny part, Price said, is the buck was online before he even had it out of the woods.

“By the time we got him out there were over 15 people sitting there to take pictures,” Price said.

Price owns Price Auto Body in Baxter Springs.