BAXTER SPRINGS — Late the evening of Jan. 7 a blue 1998 Ford Escort belonging to Jesse Bellard, of Baxter Springs, was stolen, allegedly by two minors from Miami, Okla.

Bellard said she and her family had been staying at a friend’s house in Baxter because of the weather.

She said the boys took her keys off the kitchen table and apparently then stole her car, which she reported stolen the following morning.

“When I realized my keys were gone we knew who had taken the car,” she said. “Gary Allen with the sheriff’s office found my car destroyed on (Highway) 69 right after Star Road and before Picher.”

According to Cherokee County Undersheriff Terry Clugston, Allen found the car abandoned  and the suspect driver had fled the scene.

The car had apparently been south bound and had left the roadway, rolling over and ending up in a field facing north.”

Baxter Springs Chief of Police David Edmondson said no arrests have been made and the incident is still under investigation.

“Twice in the last six months now I have had my sense of security taken from me by some stupid kid looking for a thrill,” Bellard said. “When I lived in town my trailer had been broken into with a few things damaged and personal things taken.”