Scenes from a film about a 1977 murder case will be filmed in Columbus and Oswego later this month and the production company is looking for extras to participate in the shooting.

"We will be shooting a scene from the film there in Columbus on the 25th as well as courtroom scenes at the County Courthouse in Oswego," Producer John Russell said via email, adding the courthouse scene will be on the 26th. "We are inviting anyone who would like to participate in the court scene to be at the Labette County Courthouse no later than 7 a.m. We will shoot from 8 a.m. to noon. This is a feature film based on the actual story of the Camp Scott murders in Oklahoma. Just a side note...the actual killer that is to be revealed, was tried there in your county for the murder of Ellen Rowden and is where her body was discovered along with the murder weapon in the strip pit area."

Producer, writer, director, Russell has named who the real killer is prior to making his film, "Candles" about the June 13th, 1977 incident which took the lives of Girl Scouts Doris Milner, aged 10, Lori Farmer, aged 8 and Michelle Guse, aged 9.

It was long suspected that Gene Leroy Hart was the actual murderer, having been convicted of other crimes in the area. However, Hart was acquitted in 1979 and eventually died in prison from an apparent hear attack.

Russell, who has openly admitted to his own checkered past of passing bad checks, forgery and fraud, served time with fellow inmate, Karl Lee Myers. According to Russell, Myers allegedly confessed three times to him about killing the three Girl Scouts. Recanting this information to the OSBI, Russell's information was not pursued.

A native Oklahoman himself, Russell has made it his goal to reveal the truth about the Camp Scott murders through the making of "Candles." A factor that led Russell to revealing the alleged killer's name prior to the release of the film is that Myers is currently on death row for a different felony and is reportedly extremely ill and not expected to live to see his execution date.

Russell's production company, Chance Film Productions, has been sent letters of intent from agents for native Oklahoman actor Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans) and country musician, Michael Peterson (Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie) to star in "Candles," the controversial film in progress retelling the story of the 1977 Camp Scott Girl Scout murders.

Rocky Mountain Pictures, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has also sent a letter of intent to distribute the film.