Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Landfills continue to cause problems for the Cherokee County Commissioners.

Questions about the possibility of a landfill owned by Jack Brumback, on Wyandotte Road reopening were brought to the commissioners Monday.

Commissioners were also told of the possibility of Beachner Construction buying the landfill.

The landfill had also been discussed at last week’s commission meeting and commissioners then told Tamara Landes of Keller Williams, she was to confer with the neighboring land owners before any decisions could be made.

Commissioners told community members in the audience no one had currently contacted the commissioners about reopening the landfill. Cherokee County Commissioner Pat Collins recommended speaking with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to obtain more information about the possibility of the landfill being reopened.

Charley Bowers of KDHE told commissioners over the phone the landfill on Wyandotte has not officially been closed. Bowers said the closure report has yet to be approved. Bowers also said if the landfill is sold while the permit is open, then the new owners  must go through a transfer of permit process and the commissioners do not have to be contacted for use of the landfill.

Bowers told commissioners if the neighboring landowners object to the landfill being used in certain ways, they must have a regulatory or statutory reason to stop the process. Bowers also said the closure report is currently in the works. Bowers said if he got the transfer permit before the closure report and everything for the permit was in order, then it would more than likely be approved.

The commission also heard from County Engineer Leonard Vanatta.

Vanatta asked the commissioners to approve placing stop signs by the railroad crossing at Southeast 30th Street in Baxter Springs. Vanatta said the signs were going to be placed there in preparation for the new railroad crossing arms and lights which are going to be installed. The commissioners approved the motion with a unanimous vote.

Scott Jackson of the Spring River Mental Health and Wellness Center asked the commissioners for a little over $111,000 in funding for the center in 2012. He said it was a two percent increase from last year’s funding request.

Additionally, Cherokee County Emergency Management Director Jason Allison requested funds for an additional 500 weather radios from the commission. Jason said after finding out the first 500 radios were not going to be enough he amended the grant to have an additional 500 added. Allison said the money for the first set of radios would be in Tuesday and would be given to the county for reimbursement. Allison said if they could get the next batch of radios ordered they would be able to have them programmed by the time they start selling them Friday. The motion was approved with a unanimous vote.

Cherokee County Health Department Administrator Beth Elliott spoke to commissioners about extending the deadline to spend immunization grant money. Elliott said she had plans to run ads aimed at getting school immunizations for children early, and plans to buy items to have as “freebies” for the public.

Eric Ferrell of the Alliance for Technology Commercialization, a regional business development group, asked the commissioners to consider giving the alliance $5,000 in funding for the 2012 year. The Alliance for Technology Commercialization helps inventors get their products to the market. Ferrell said in exchange for the funding they would give residents of Cherokee County 40 hours of consultation free instead of just five hours.

Betty McBride asked commissioners to turn over a vacant lot in Treece to the Treece Relocation Buyout Trust. McBride said the lot was next to the Treece City Hall and was in the county’s name. McBride said the trust would take care of all paperwork and bring it to the commissioners to sign the land over. The commissioners approved turning over the land to the trust.

The Cherokee County Commission will be having a special meeting 9 a.m. Thursday in the courthouse to approve payroll and accounts payable for June.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be 9 a.m. June 27.