The county 911 office is struggling with some local communities to get physical addresses for some residents who are outside city limits but within so-called city "buffer zones" where the cities are responsible for 911 addressing.

The problem, 911 Director Wayne Elliot told the Cherokee County Commission Monday, is some cities don't understand that a mailing address is insufficient and that the physical addresses need to be entered into the county database.

Elliot said he'd already sent a letter to several city clerks requesting the information and spoken to several on the phone as well, but was still having difficulty obtaining the necessary addresses.

County commissioners instructed Elliot to send another letter and continue to try to get the information he needs.

County Emergency Management Director Jason Allison told the commission the new storm sirens which were approved last week should be here this week and will be stored at the county lot until installed by the company which won the bid. He also said there were 75-100 attendees at the recent storm spotter class.

County Assessor Nancy Herrenbruck told the commission she is about to get the final values for 2012 set and will be sending out a letter warning those who have not paid their personal property taxes - taxes on such things as boats - there will be penalties assessed by the state if the taxes are not paid by March 1.

Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor Ralph Houser said the county shredded 24,000 pounds of documents last week.

Commissioner Richard Hilderbrand questioned why the county had paid to have the documents shredded when two shredders had been purchased just last year.

County Treasurer Juanita Hodgson said about half the total documents came from her office and many dated back to the 1970s. She said she felt it was more cost effective to pay to have it done in a day than to pay an employee to spend days or weeks standing over a shredder.

Houser said many of the documents also came from Cherokee County Attorney John Bullard's office and dated as far back as the 1940s.

Hodgson also said her office will be sending out delinquent tax notice soon and has the drivers license training done so license renewals are now available in the courthouse again.

The commission also renewed it's contract with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the Cherokee County Convention and Visitor's Bureau for tourist promotion within the county.

Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby reported to the commission there was a slight problem with the Galena Landfill. As the permitting process moves forward the currently required set back is 75 feet but the state requires 150 feet for a permitted landfill. Since it is impossible to move the landfill as it currently exists, Oglesby said he simply needed the commission to sign off on the extant landfill in order to get a variance from the state.

The commission stated their support for the landfill for the record.