BAXTER SPRINGS - Parents and students of the Baxter Springs School District lined up around the block outside of the Route 66 Soda Shop Monday morning to receive free school supplies for the students.

The Foundation for the Promotion of Cherokee County took donated school supplies and sponsor money to put together an event which offered backpacks, pencils, crayons, dental check-ups, vision screenings, free immunizations, free haircuts and any other supplies needed to area children.

The event was set up to outfit 200 children with everything they needed to return to school. Parents also had the opportunity to have the children fingerprinted by Bikers Against Child Abuse and the Baxter Springs Police Department. The fingerprints are part of a kit to help find missing children.

Baxter Springs Chamber of Commerce President Charlene Hunley said the volunteers ranged from people from Five Mile Camp to citizens of Baxter Springs.

Hunley said this is the first year they have had an event like this, so it is a learning experience for everyone. She said they were not sure if they had too many supplies or not enough. Hunley said they had no idea how many people would be showing up to the event to receive supplies.

Hunley said they hope to continue to help the children of Baxter Springs get ready for school each year.