Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Medicalodge will be unveiling the new expansion with a ribbon cutting April 20 at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce morning coffee.

Medicalodge Adminstrator Travis McBride said a therapy room had been remodeled and expanded. He said there is a need for a larger therapy room in the community to give people better access to therapy and “rehab to home” services. McBride said Medicalodge offers speech, occupational, physical and restorative therapy. He said the remodeled therapy room will help people get back to strength or get to a point where they can return home.

With the new space, physical, occupational and speech therapy services will now be available five days a week. He said it will also allow the patients to have access to a therapist guided restorative program. McBride said the new room will allow patients to have therapy services in a space truly designed for therapy.

The remodel started in mid-February and ended near the end of March. According to a Medicalodge flyer many of the needed resources for the remodeled room were already on hand. These resources included therapists, documentation systems, software, therapy supplies and equipment. McBride also said many people collaborated on the project.

The remodel moved the chapel into the area where the sun room had been and utilized the former chapel space for the new therapy room. He said the sun room and chapel were not being used as much as they could be, but now it will provide a very open and inviting chapel and a better therapy room.

The old therapy room is now a conference room.