“Aloha” was the greeting given to 105 senior partners and their guests as they entered the Columbus Community Building for Commerce Bank’s annual banana split bingo party.  The party was held on Thursday evening, August 20.  In keeping with the Hawaiian theme, grass skirts and pineapples adorned the head table, parrots and palm trees hung from the ceiling and Hawaiian music played softly in the background.  Each senior partner was given a wristlet to wear and a pig-shaped jar opener.  

Jane Rhinehart, Branch Manager, gave the welcome, made introductions, and spoke about upcoming trips and events.

Allen McColm, Vice President, served as the bingo caller.  Prizes were given to each of the 24 bingo winners:  piggy bank, Lucille Starrett, Mary Smittle, and Myrna Willis; medicine bottle opener, Della Smittle, Valeta McElwain, and Betty Cook; “smashlight” flashlight, Roberta Simpson, Frank Zaccarello, and Linda Jackson; calculator, Marilyn Morris and Juanita Jarrett; cap, Ken Kelley; clock, Joy Gatewood; bamboo picture frame, Eva Forkner; shredder, Dale Kelley; t-shirt, Leroy Barrett; drink koozie, Randy Bass and Charles Houser; tote bags, Jean Watkins-Simkin and Della Smittle; golf balls, Pete Hatfield; LED flashlight, Jim Cook; leather notebook, Maxine Cook; office set, Edgar Bull.

Door prizes were also given.  Alice Mussa, Robert Mercer, and Charles Gatewood received a fresh pineapple, and Bernadine Kelley won a set of golf balls.

Each senior partner was served a banana split with their choice of toppings, prepared by Commerce employees Sonja Duley, MaLia Merrick, Laura Leroy, Dee Delmont, Lyndsey Vanatta, Linseh Walker, and Janette Crain.