Randel L. Baker, improper stop or turn signal, driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked, guilty pleas, fines $338.50

Petr Berka, speeding, guilty plea, fine $138.50

Ronnie Marie Boyd, speeding, no valid license, guilty pleas, fines 144.50

Cassandra M. Collins, DUI 1st conviction, guilty plea, no fine

Dustin R. Connell, no fishing license, guilty plea, fine $93.50

Gary Paul Fields, no fishing license, guilty plea, fine $93.50

Sherry L. Gonzalez, failure to stop, guilty plea, fine $168.50

Joseph Lee Johnson, criminal damage to property; misdemeanor, guilty plea, fine $215.50

Sean Michael Johnson, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Roger G. King, seatbelt, insurance, disposed due to failure to appear, no fines

Lovie June Kirtley, arrest by law enforcement officer, other termination, no fine

Rickey Lee Lamb, no fishing license, guilty plea, fine $93.50

A.I. Leonard, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $98.50

Christopher Mitchell, failure to yield, no registration, guilty pleas, fines $393.50

Cynthia L. Narvaez, no valid license, driving on left side of roadway prohibited, guilty pleas, fines $268.50

Kip TD Overman, seatbelt (14-17 yoa), guilty plea, fine $60.00

Callie E. Ronan, speeding, guilty plea, $138.50

William D. Showalter, seatbelt, disposed due to failure to appear, no fine

Ryan K. Smith, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Christopher L. Stewart, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $5

Kiana L. Stockett, speeding, guilty plea, fine $174.50

Vera M. Stone, speeding, guilty plea, fine $216.50

Matthew D. Wammack, speeding, seatbelt, guilty pleas, fines 212.50

Robert Joseph Zook, nonsupport of a child, guilty plea, fine $165.00