Cherokee County held their 4-H Days on February 18th. There were several participants that showcased there talents and many onlookers that came to witness the talent of Cherokee County 4-H’ers. Following are the results.

Informational Talks

Intermediate – Eric Underwood – Purple


Junior – Zach Wyckoff – Purple


Tyler Gum - Top Purple

Kaylee Gum – Purple

Josh Curry – Blue

Senior – Phillip Underwood – Purple


Small Group – Jessie Robinson/Kionah Frobish – Purple

Vocal Music

Small Group Vocal – Waycee Brassart/Nahil Fontanez – Blue

Large Group Vocal – Prairie Ramblers – Blue

Large Group Vocal – Spring Valley Sparklers – Top Red

Large Group Vocal – Shamrock – Red

Intermediate Individual – Lilly Handshy – Purple

Instrumental Music

Group – Eric Underwood/Caitlin Low – Purple

Junior Individual – Isaac Major – Purple

Intermediate Individual -

Jake Wyckoff – Top Purple

Jacob Major – Purple

Lilly Handshy - Blue

Individuals and groups that will participate in Multi-County 4-H Days are: Eric Underwood, Zach Wyckoff, Tyler Gum, Kaylee Gum, Phillip Underwood, Jessie Robinson/Kionah Frobish, Waycee Brassart/Nahil Fontanez, Prairie Ramblers, Lilly Handshy, Eric Underwood/Caitlin Low, Isaac Major, Jake Wyckoff. Mutli-County Days is where the top Cherokee County 4-H’ers compete against the top 4-H’ers in the surrounding counties. They will compete March 17th at the Meadowbrook Mall in Pittsburg. Please come and support Cherokee County!