COLUMBUS The Eleventh District Judicial Corrections endured the 2011 fiscal year with few problems, but are operating as best as possible Head of Community Corrections Judicial District 11 Mack Young told the Cherokee County Commission on Monday.

Young brought a report to the commissioners to explain how the year had been going. He said they had lost some staff over the year which caused some operating problems, but now they are at full staff and procedures are running smoothly.

Young said as of July 1 the 20 percent reduction has been changed to a goal of a 75 percent success rate for offenders. He told commissioners they finished 2011 with a total of 71 percent and they know what needs to be changed to achieve the goal of 75 percent.

Young also told commissioners they reached 72 percent of discharged offenders employed. The goal is 95 percent, but because of staff shortages they were unable to reach goal for 2011.

Additionally Young told commissioners they were above their goal for offenders who successfully complete some type of education. He said the goal is 75 percent and they offer a variety of educational outlets including G.E.D. classes and trade schools. He said for fiscal year 2011 they had 81 percent of the offenders complete some type of education.

Young also told commissioners of other small problems that had set back goals through out the year, but said they now have a full staff so procedures are running smoothly and goals are being met.

Additionally Robert Medley and Mary Kay Caldwell came to the commissioners to seek funding for Paw Prints on Heartland. This organization offers a low cost spay and neutering program throughout Cherokee County and other areas in Kansas and Missouri. The program uses a van to travel to different areas where they can spay and neuter small dogs and cats for $35. They visit Galena every first Tuesday of the month as well as making stops in Riverton and Columbus.

Caldwell told the commissioners it costs around $700 each time the van is taken out to the different areas. Caldwell asked the commissioners for a donation of $2,000 to help with expenses to keep the van running.

The commissioners did not make a decision on the donation at this time.

In other business, the commission:

Approved the September payroll.

Approved September accounts payable.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Cherokee County Commission will be at 9 a.m. October 3.