Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

School Board election candidates Tadd Lucian and John W. Crain faced many questions from members of the community, including questions about the closing of the Scammon Elementary School, Thursday night at a meet the candidates and chili dinner put on by the Cherokee County Republican Party.

Lucian and Crane are both running for position one on the Unified School District 493 school board and most of the questions from the audience were directed to them.

Questions from the citizens ranged from how the candidates would feel about “pay to play” sports in the district to what they would have done about school closings such as Scammon.

Citizens in the audience asked Lucian and Crain whether or not they thought Scammon school would be able to open again. Lucian said he did not think the school would be able to re-open as did Crain. They both said the money to re-open the school does not exist.

Crain also said that he supported the school board in the decision they made, but knew it was a hard decision to make. He said his sister, who was in the audience, was a teacher at Scammon, so he really got a sense of how the teachers of Scammon felt when the school had to be shut down.

“I do believe every person in this district has a voice, and they should be able to (express) their opinion.” Crain said.

City council candidates who came to the forum included Hollie Young running in ward two, mayoral candidates Marie Nepple and Dale Burton, ward one candidates Wayne Dobkins and Jerri Burton, ward five candidate Rodney Oels, and West Mineral city council candidate Raymond G. Poor, Jr.

Each of the candidates who came to the forum had a chance to speak to the audience, explain a little about themselves and why they were running for the position and then answer questions from the audience.